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Filter Part 2 in Photoshop

Filter Tutorial Part-2 For Adobe Photoshop

In last video, we learned filter section tools. Let’s learn remaining tools in this lecture.

In filter tab, let’s see render tool. Render tool offers frame, picture frame, cloud, fibers, lightning effects etc. options. In picture frame, you can see many presets are available. You can change its color, size, arrangements and many other things as shown in video.

You can add different kinds of trees from tree tool in render section. First select any base type tree. In that, you can change leaves amount, branches height, branches thickness etc. In render tool, there is option named clouds. Using clouds, you can add clouds in layer. Difference clouds give negative effect.

Fibers offer effects like wooden and fibers. Other option is lens flare. Lens flares is used to show sunny effect. Lightning effects are explained in video.

Sharpen tool enhances the edges of an image. It makes picture smooth. To perform this, shake reduction is used. Normally, this tool is used more on shiny things like jewelry.

In stylize option there are very interesting options available. You can see in video, diffuse, emboss, find edges, solarize, wind effects are very well explained.


The Filter Gallery is a great tool for photographers to enhance their images and create professional-looking pictures. The tool provides an array of filters to use, such as black-and-white, vintage, and color overlays. It also features effects such as sharpen, noise reduction, soft focus and more.

In the filter gallery, you can find a range of options for your photos. From black and white to a rainbow-like effect, there is a filter for any photo. Not only that, but the filters are customizable, so you can choose how intense or light you would like it to be.

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