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Transform and Brush Preset in Photoshop

How To Use Transform & Brush Preset In Adobe Photoshop?

To transform image freely, CTRL+T is used. After pressing CTRL+T, image is ready for transformation. You will notice angular arrow near to picture, with the help of it you can easily move picture as shown in video. By pressing enter, free transform will close. By using CTRL+T, you can move, rotate and scale your image.

In transform tool, you will find more options like skew, distort, perspective and warp. In video, you can see how every option works on image. To make your image slanted or twisted, you can use skew. Same way, distort, perspective and warp are also explained in video with practical examples.

Apart from this, you will see more rotation related options. Like rotate 180â—¦, rotate 90â—¦ clockwise, and rotate 90â—¦ counter clockwise. You can rotate your image according to your requirements. Flipping of image is also possible horizontally & vertically.

In edit tab, you will see define brush preset tool. In this tool, you can make your own brush. As shown in video, draw any object and then go to brush preset tool. Add it to brush library by clicking ok. It will add into library of brush.

Now when you will open a new layer and click on brush library tool, you will see your new brush is added there. Now, you can use it as brush tool.


Transform and Brush are two of the most important tools in Photoshop. They are usually the first to be used when designing a complex design piece. Transform allows you to resize an object, change its angle, or rotate it. The Brush Preset function gives you the ability to save your favorite brush settings so that they can be quickly accessed later on in the design process.

In this tutorial, we'll go over how to get the most out of the Transform and Brush Preset in Photoshop. In this video, you will learn how to use the Transform and Brush Preset to create a new document from an existing image, adjust the size of the document, and add text.

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