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Layer Mask and Vector Mask in Photoshop

What Is Layer Mask & Vector Mask In Adobe Photoshop

In this video we will learn very important tools that are layer mask and vector mask

To merge two different images, layer mask is used. Layer Mask is a very important part of Photoshop tools that gives the ability to hide and reveal parts of the layer without deleting them. Remember that black color hides pixels and white color reveals pixels. A very good example is explained in video of how to do layer mask. See video and try to give same effect in your project.

Now let’s see vector mask. It can only use with vector objects. Here for example, rectangle is taken. Path is important in vector mask. Go to vector mask in layer section. Click on current path. You will see an image will appear in selected area.

In arrange, you can keep layers in front or back. As shown in video, you can change position of layers. Practice as per instructed in video. You can align your objects from layers. There are options for alignment like align top edges, align vertical centers, align left edges etc. choose any type of alignment according to your requirement.


A layer mask is a way of selectively hiding or revealing parts of an image. The mask can be created by either selecting an area of the image itself, or by drawing a shape on the canvas. Masks are helpful when compositing images, as they allow you to blend layers without altering the original image.

A vector mask is a shape that you create in Photoshop which then masks another layer or group of layers. Masks can be filled with color, greyscale, or black & white to blend the underlying image with the top image.

Layer and Vector Masks in Photoshop work by setting a specific area to show or hide. They can be used to isolate content in a photo, to edit a graphic design, or for any other purpose that requires precise control of visibility. Layer masks are most commonly used because they provide more flexibility when editing images.

Both masks allow you to edit the image you want to keep, but a vector mask is a more accurate selection. A layer mask can be used as a selection or adjustment layer, but a vector mask maintains its accuracy even after editing.

Layer masks are a great way to add depth and dimension to your images. They can be used to blend layers, add texture, or distort an image by applying different types of brush strokes. For example, a layer mask can be used to black out the sky in order to focus on the buildings below.

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