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Gradient and Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop

How To Use Gradient & Paint Bucket Tool In Adobe Photoshop

We will learn about the gradient and paint tool in this video.

The shortcut key to select gradient tool is G. Gradient tool is used to fill color in any object. It fills color in gradient style as shown in video. It offers different styles of gradient like: linear, round, angular, reflected, and diamond gradient.

You can customize it, too. To customize a style, go to gradient editor and make necessary changes as per your requirement. You can make shading patterns with the help of gradient tool. In this tool, by decreasing or increasing opacity, you can add a layer to an image. Watch full video for better understanding.

In tool bar, there is one more tool named as, ‘Paint Bucket Tool’. It is also used to fill color in any object. To use the Paint Bucket Tool in Photoshop, click the “Paint Bucket Tool” in the Toolbox. In the Tool Options Bar, select either the “Foreground color fill” or “Pattern fill” choice. If you select “Pattern fill,” then use the “Pattern” drop-down to the right to select which pattern to use.


The gradient tool is a freehand drawing tool that creates a gradual blend of colors. It can be used to add subtle lighting effects and backgrounds in images. This tool is also often seen in digital painting, where it is used for shading and highlighting.

The paint bucket tool is used to fill a selection with a certain color. This tool is an excellent way to quickly change the colors of an image. It's ideal for those who don't have any experience in Photoshop and want a simple way to change the colors of their images.

The gradient tool produces a gradual blend of two or more colors in a linear direction, while the paint bucket tool fills an area with a single color. The gradient tool is useful when you want to have gradual transitions from one color to another. The paint bucket tool is best used when you want to fill an area with a particular color, with no gradual transitions.

The gradient tool takes your digital canvas and transforms it into something that resembles an actual physical object. If you're looking to create a 3D effect, you can use the Gradient Tool to make one side of an image darker than the other, or you can even make it look like your image is coming out of a computer monitor.

The paint bucket tool can be a handy tool in a variety of situations. The paint bucket fills a selected area with the current foreground color, so it is best used on a layer that is directly above the one you want to paint. To use this neat little tool, select the paint bucket from the toolbar and left-click on your desired area.

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