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Layer Styles,Fill and Merge in PhotoShop

Layer Styles, Fill & Merge In Adobe Photoshop

You can give names to layers from rename layer option. In layer styles, there are many options of styles for layers. In blending option, you will find bevel & emboss. Beveling and embossing is a way to create shading and simulate shadows that make your object look three-dimensional. As explained in video, it gives shadow kind of effect. You can change the size of inner, outer, up & down bevel. Apart from this, you can change angle, opacity, patterns etc.

In stroke option, you can set position of stroke inner, outside or center. Also, you can change the color, opacity of stroke. You can add inner shadow from styles option. In that, you can edit blend mode, distance, choke, noise etc.

In Satin style, you can add color to object. You can change the opacity of added color. Using color overlap, you can overlap any color on object. Same way, gradient can be used for overlapping colors. You can make your own gradient. You can change gradient style like radial, linear, diamond etc. Also, we can add patterns on object. You can change scale of them.

To add drop shadow, go to style and choose from it. You can change the shadow color and increase/decrease the distance, too. You will see on bottom side, on layer fx is shown. Which means, you have applied some kind of effects on that layer. You can hide an effect, too.

New fill layer allows you to fill a whole layer with solid color or gradient or pattern in Photoshop.


Layer Styles in Photoshop are a powerful tool that let users add texture, bevels, and other effects from within the software. All of these effects can be applied to layers without affecting the original image.

Fill and Merge are tools that you can find in Photoshop. These tools allow users to fill a layer with a certain color or pattern, all the while being able to choose the opacity of the color. Fill will create a new area on your image by spreading out from that point, while merge will cover the entire layer with the selected colors or pattern that you have chosen.

Editing photos in Photoshop is a time-consuming task. With the help of Fill and Merge in Photoshop, you can edit and combine multiple images in one document to make your life easier. A new document can be created with the desired height and width.

Creating a layer style is not difficult with the right tools. The first step is to create the new style. This can be done by duplicating an existing layer style or using paint bucket tools to change the color of an object.

Layer styles are used to add interest to your projects. They can be used in a variety of ways. You can use them to make your project look like it's glowing, like it's underwater, like it's covered in snow, or many other cool effects.

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