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Crop and Perspective Crop Tool in Photoshop

Crop And Perspective Crop Tool In Adobe Photoshop

The Crop tool allows you to select an area of an image and discard everything outside this area. The Crop Tool is used to crop or clip an image. This tool is often used to remove borders, or to eliminate unwanted areas to provide you with a more focused working area.

To crop an image with the Crop command from the Photoshop menu, follow these steps :
- Choose the Rectangular marquee tool from the Tool Panel.
- Select a rectangular area on the image Selection Tools in Adobe Photoshop.
- Choose Crop from the Image menu.

You can crop your image by entering measurements, too.

Now what is perspective crop tool? It is basically a crop tool, but you can adjust its view as per perspective. In video, example is given of perspective crop. This tool is used for reposition of any image.


Photographers use the perspective crop tool to change the vanishing point in an image. The vanishing point is the single point of convergence, where all parallel lines seem to disappear into. When a photographer wants to alter the vanishing point, they will open up their perspective crop tool and drag it across the part of their image that they want to change.

Perspective cropping is the process of cropping an image to make it look like it's in a certain perspective. This technique can make a photo appear as if it's 3D and was captured by someone looking down from the sky or from a window in a skyscraper.

The Crop Tool in Photoshop is one of the most fundamental editing tools for images. It helps you crop, rotate, straighten, and scale your image. The Crop Tool lets you do all this without needing to make any selections or use any other tools.

The Crop Tool in Photoshop is used to crop an image. This tool can be accessed through the 'crop' option when right-clicking on an image. The aspect ratio of the image can also be adjusted with the Crop Tool, which is useful when uploading photos to social media sites with specific ratios.

The Perspective Crop Tool is a simple yet powerful tool that can be used to change the perspective of your image. It allows you to create strong visual effects, such as tilting or twisting the perspective. This is done by dragging the corner handles of the cropping border in different directions.

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