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Image Adjustment More Options in Photoshop

Image Adjustment More Options in Photoshop

In last video, we saw tools of adjustments up to black & white. In this video, we will learn more about adjustments tools.

Photo filter is used to apply color on whole image or selected portion. When you want an image in a single tone, photo filter is used. After that, channel mixer tool comes under adjustments. You can adjust red, green and blue color from there.

Next tool is invert. Invert tool gives effect like negative image. Under that, posterize option is given. Threshold gives effect like sketch. With the help of Gradient map, you can sprinkle any color on image. Like this, every tool’s effect is shown in video.

Match color tool is used to give effect of another image on working image. How to do that is explained in video. It is useful for keeping multiple images in same color form. In replace color, by adjusting fuzziness you can change color of that particular area. Also example of car is given for better understanding. 


Image adjustment refers to the process of making adjustments to an image in Photoshop. It is an important step, as it can have a profound effect on the final result. Adjustments are often made to contrast, color balance, exposure, brightness and so on. Designers should be careful not to over-adjust images as this may distort colors and create unsightly artifacts.

The Image Adjustments dialog in Photoshop is an extensive tool. There are many advantages to using the Image Adjustment dialog; some of these are that it can change the contrast, brightness, color balance, and color temperature. The best aspect about this image adjustment feature is that you can create custom presets to save time when adjusting further images.

This dialog is used to edit the color and brightness in an image. You can change the brightness of an image by moving the slider from left to right. Sliding it to the left will lessen the brightness while sliding it to the right will increase it. For changing color, move the cursor on a specific color palette and click on any of them.

These new features are designed to make it easier for customers to find the products they are looking for. Customers can now use filters that will help them search by the type of product, number of stars, or price range. This new feature will make it easier to shop and save time!

Adobe's Photoshop software is a hugely popular graphic editing program, and there are tons of features that allow you to create professional-grade images. These tools have been updated over the years to include new features and filters.

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