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To use the Paint Skin Weights Tool, go to Skin > Paint Skin Weights >. Smooth skin weights can be mirrored between smooth skin objects as well as within the same smooth skin object. ASkin weights can also be mirrored on certain skin components.

The weight values of the selected vertices are removed from the selected source influence and reassigned to any selected target influence when you click the Move weights button (or pick Skin > Edit Smooth Skin > Move Weights To Influences) (s).

Skinning is the process of tying the 3D mesh to the joint arrangement you made. This means that the joints you create will have an effect on your model's vertices and cause them to move.

To access the Smooth Skin Weights Options, go to Skin > Smooth Skin Weights >. For Smooth Skin Weights, change the Required Weight Difference value. In the Smooth Skin Weights Options, look at the Required Weight Difference.

The Bind Skin Options box is opened by selecting Skin > Bind Skin> from the Rigging menu set. Even if you have picked a joint other than the root joint, the selected deformable objects will be tied to the entire skeleton, from the root joint on down through the skeleton's hierarchy.

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