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  • Bouncing Ball Animation

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The bouncing ball represents several aspects of animation that an animator employs on a daily basis in every scene he creates. This easy assignment incorporates animation fundamentals such as the line of movement, arcs, momentum, timing, key drawings, inbetween drawings, weight, speed, and the substance of an object.

You're learning about time and spacing and why they're so important in animations. Simply making a ball bounce teaches you how objects move in the actual world and how to make them look to be moving according to the same physics principles that we are.

A succession of images rapidly shifting to give the illusion of movement is defined as animation. We replace the previous image with a new one that has been shifted slightly. Nowadays, the animation industry has a sizable market.

To begin, hit I and move the ball with g to set some keyframes for the location. Then pick the keyframes in the Graph editor, hit T, and choose Bounce. Change the ground plane's Rigid Body to Passive. Reduce Friction to 1 and enhance Bounciness.

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