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Rigging is a technique for making complicated object assemblies easier to animate and maintain. Although rigging is most frequently associated with character animation, the same techniques may be used to create sophisticated mechanical objects and assemblies. A decent rig should be able to do the following: As much as feasible, automate.

  • Begin with a blank character mesh.
  • From the Rigging menu set, choose Skeleton > Quick Rig. The Quick Rig tool is launched.
  • Select the "One-Click" option.
  • Choose a mesh.
  • Select Auto-Rig! A skeleton is created, followed by a HumanIK control rig.

In Maya, rigging is utilized to provide the animator with control points from which the animation can be performed. Because the actual polygons are not changed, the controls are used for animation, and we rig the model to produce these controls. Let's start by rigging the framework on which we'll build our animation.

  • Select the Channel Box / Layer Editor to the right of the Character Controls.
  • Go to the Animation tab.
  • Click to create an empty Animation layer in the Animation Layer Editor toolbar ().
  • Choose the Animation layer (AnimLayer1).

3D rigging is the process of building a skeleton for a 3D object in order for it to move. Characters are usually rigged before they are animated since a character model without a rig cannot be distorted or moved about.

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