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The most essential of the 12 animation principles is the squash and stretch principle. It offers your animated characters and objects the appearance of gravity, weight, mass, and flexibility when used.

The 12 Principles of Animation are a set of important guidelines for professional animators.

These principles were designed to provide the impression that cartoon characters followed basic physics laws, but they also addressed more abstract topics like emotional timing and character appeal.

The preparation for an action, such as a jump or a punch, is known as anticipation. For instance, a character might squat before jumping with his body and legs. The animation will be more cartoony and fluid if the anticipating motion is stronger.

The most common application of animation is for entertainment. Animation can be found on television, smartphones, and the internet. Animation is commonly utilized to engage youngsters on television since it provides them with something to chuckle about and keeps them entertained for lengthy periods of time.

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