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Skinning is the process of attaching your model to the joints, as well as the controls, in general. Skinning is the process of allocating one or more joints to each vertex of a model. In other words, without skinning, you can't animate your character.

Open skinning and case skinning are two popular types of skinning. Large animals are usually open skinned, while smaller animals are case skinned. Flaying refers to the practice of skinning live persons as a method of torture, murder, or capital punishment.

The Bind Skin Options box is opened by selecting Skin > Bind Skin> from the Rigging menu set. Even if you have picked a joint other than the root joint, the selected deformable objects will be tied to the entire skeleton, from the root joint on down through the skeleton's hierarchy.

Select one or more deformable objects, then the skeleton's root joint or the limb's parent joint. Bind Skin from the Skin menu. 

Rigging is the process of establishing an internal'skeleton' that specifies how the item should move and what limits it should have. Skinning is the process of informing your model of which sections of it should move as the rig moves.

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