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  • How to Use Drawing Tool - Rectangle (Chamfer,elevation,fillet,thickness,width) part 1 of 2

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  • By Dimensions (Length and Width)
  • Go to the Home tab, then to the Draw panel, then to Rectangle. Find.
  • Specify the rectangle's initial corner.
  • Dimensions is represented by the letter D.
  • Fill in the length.
  • Fill in the width.
  • Indicate the other corner. Note that the length and width settings limit you.

By providing the length and breadth of a rectangle, it can be drawn. In the command line, type Rec or Rectangle and hit Enter. On the viewport, specify the first corner point. In the form of @length, width, specify the rectangle's length and width.

The following are the stages of implementing fillet:

  • From the ribbon panel, select the Fillet command, as seen below: Or. Enter F on the command line or at the command prompt.
  • Choose the first item.
  • Radius is a type of R.
  • Enter the code.
  • Press Enter after specifying the Fillet's radius.
  • Choose the second item.

Choose the objects whose thickness you'd want to adjust. Right-click the objects and select Properties from the drop-down menu. Select Thickness from the Properties palette and change the value. The thickness of the selected items is now displayed.

Rounds or fillets the edges of two 2D objects or a 3D solid's neighbouring faces.

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