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Examples of polygon creation:

  • Polygon can be found in the Rectangle drop-down list on the ribbon panel.
  • The number of sides of a polygon can be specified.
  • Enter the code.
  • On the viewport or workspace, specify the polygon's centre.
  • For Inscribe or Circumscribe, type I or C.
  • Enter the code.

Creates a closed equilateral polyline. Find. You choose whether the polygon is inscribed or circumscribed, as well as the number of sides it has.

  • Select the Home tab. Create a panel Polygon. Find.
  • Enter the number of sides you'd like to play.
  • The polygon's centre must be specified.
  • Choose one of the following options: To specify a polygon encircled by a circle, type i. To indicate a polygon circumscribed around a circle, type c.
  • Fill in the radius's length.

After loading the LISP file, enter the command PG2C. Enter after selecting the polygons. Qualified entities in the selection set will be deleted, and a circle will be drawn in their place, circumscribed around the original polygon's vertices.

Click the Drafting tab, then the Draw panel, then the Rectangle drop-down menu, then Polygon. Enter the number of sides at the Command prompt. The polygon's centre must be specified. To indicate a polygon around by a circle of given points, type i.

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