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Use the MASSPROP (Mass Properties) command to calculate the volume of a solid object. On the command prompt, type massprop. The solid item should be selected. Press the ENTER key.

From this prompt, choose Object and then click on the boundary of the Rectangle or Circle for which you wish to calculate the area. The object's area, as well as its perimeter or circumference, will appear above the command line. Similarly, the AREA command can be used to find the area of any closed Polyline shape.

The area of a rectangle with length l and width w is calculated using the formula A = lw (rectangle). That is, the length multiplied by the breadth equals the rectangle's area. The area of a square with side length s is determined by the formula: A = s2 in the same way that l = w in the case of a square (square).

The area of a shape is the measurement of its surface. To get a rectangle's or square's area, multiply the length and breadth of the rectangle or square. A is equal to x times y.

Multiply the height by the width to find the area of a square or rectangle. The area is displayed in cm2 if the height and breadth are in cm. The area is shown in m2 if the height and breadth are in m. Because 5 × 5 = 25, a square with sides of 5 m has an area of 25 m2.

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