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Go to the Modify menu of the Home tab of this software's software and click on the drop-down arrow of the rectangle array command icon, then choose polar array command from the list by clicking on it. Alternatively, you can utilise a shortcut key to perform this action.

Makes duplicates of things that are arranged in a pattern. You can duplicate items in a rectangular, polar, or route array with uniform spacing. Duplicates the selected object over any number of rows, columns, and levels.

  • Hold down the Ctrl key while selecting the objects you want to move in the array.
  • Choose one of the following options: To move a panel, go to the Home tab > Modify panel > Move. Find. Choose a starting point and a second point. Select the new place by clicking the grip on one of the items.

  • Select the Home tab. Make changes to the panel Polar Array is an acronym for Polar Array. Find.
  • Choose the objects to be arrayed.
  • Choose a central point. An array of previews is shown.
  • Enter the number of objects to array as I (Items).
  • Fill in a (Angle) with the angle you want to fill. You may also modify the fill angle by dragging
  • the arrow grips.

Polar By copying the selected items around a defined centre point, an array is created. The reference point of the final object in the selection set is used for all objects in a polar array. The last object in the selection set is arbitrary if you used window or crossing selection to create it.

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