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  • Select Modify, Trim from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Trim icon
  • At the command prompt, type TRIM.
  • TRIM is the command. Choose a cutting edge (s).
  • Pick. To extend the CUTTING edge.
  • To accept the cutting edge, press ENTER.
  • Trimming objects to choose from.
  • When you're through selecting things, press ENTER.
  • Select Modify, Trim from the drop-down menu.

Scale keeps the relative distances between your object's points and the reference point the same, allowing you to enlarge or diminish your item while maintaining its shape. Stretch affects the shape of your item by changing the location of your point(s) in the drawing area.

To send information to a job or starting task, use the MODIFY command. Only if a presently running programme is designed to recognise input from the MODIFY command may you connect with it. You will receive an error notice if it is not.

 Any text file on your computer can be viewed, created, or modified using the MS-DOS text editor, edit.

The /MODIFY PREPARE command defines which resources will be modified or removed. The system will start quiescing relevant resources based on the parameters entered. COMMIT starts the changes made in a previous PREPARE command.

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