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The POLYLINE command, which may be accessed by typing PL at the command line, is used to produce polylines. Draw a simple polyline as if you were using the line command to create it. The only difference is that there is just one item rather than several. Arcs and lines can be used to create them.

A polyline is a single entity made up of a connected sequence of line segments. Straight line segments, arc segments, or a combination of the two can be created. The following are some of the reasons you might want to employ polylines: Even after grip modification, the vertices stay connected.

Make a Polyline Boundary:

  • Select the Home tab. Draw a border around the panel. Find.
  • Select Polyline from the Object Type list in the Boundary Creation dialogue box.
  • Select Pick Points from the menu. Create a boundary polyline for each area by specifying points within it.
  • To finish the command, press Enter to build the boundary polylines.

  • Utilizing Exact Coordinates
  • Go to the Home tab, then to the Draw panel, and then to the Line option. Find.
  • For example, 1.65,4.25, type the X value, a comma, and then the Y value to get the coordinate value for the first point.
  • Enter or press Spacebar.
  • Using the Spacebar or Enter, select one of the following options

On the command line or at the command prompt, type el or ellipse and hit Enter. On the command line or at the command prompt, type A or arc and press Enter. The elliptical arc's endpoint or centre must be specified. Specify the angle at which the project will stop.

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