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Course Content


Plotting a Drawing:

  • Select the Output tab. Panel of the plot Plot. Find.
  • Choose a plotter.
  • Choose from a variety of paper sizes, plot areas, plot scales, orientations, and other features.
  • Click the More Possibilities button to see more options.

By clicking Ctrl + p, you'll be sent to the print dialogue box, where you'll find options for layout, extent, window, and so on. Click on window and select the print area in the dwg.

To fit a drawing on a page, scale it down:

  • Select the Output tab. Panel of the plot Plot. Find.
  • Select the Fit to Paper option under Plot Scale in the Plot dialogue box. The resulting scale is calculated automatically. In the custom scale boxes, the ratio of plotted units to drawing units is indicated.
  • To plot the drawing, click OK.

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