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  • How To Group and ungroup The Objects In AutoCAD

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Ungrouping in AutoCAD refers to selecting items so that the group to which they belonged is removed:

  • You can use the ungroup command by typing "ungroup" on the command line.
  • In the ribbon, go to >Home tab>Groups panel>Ungroup.
  • Ungroup is a command.
  • Choose a group or a [Name]:
  • The RECTANGLE group blew up.

Ungrouping things removes them from the group they were previously a part of:

  • Select a group in the drawing area.
  • Select the Groups panel from the Home tab. Ungroup. Find.

To do so, you must first dissolve, or ungroup, the object grouping.

  • Choose the group that contains the object or things you want to distinguish from the others.
    Click Group, then Ungroup on the Shape Format page or the Picture Format tab. If the Group button isn't displayed on the ribbon, click Arrange to make it visible.

Ungroup one of the groups you've selected. After that, press enter to select everything.

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