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  • Using of Dimension Style In AutoCAD

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Dimension styles (DimStyles) in CAD are used to automate the look of dimensions in a drawing. When you create a DimStyle, you're essentially creating a default for how linear length, angle degrees, and radius widths appear in your drawing.

Standard (imperial) or ISO-25 are the default dimension styles (metric). Until you change the current dimension style, it is assigned to all dimensions. In the Annotation panel's drop-down list, the current dimension style name, Hitchhiker in this case, is displayed.

The first step is to identify the dimensions you want to modify by opening the dimension style in the Dimension Style Manager. The next step is to modify this dimension style in the Dimension Style Manager. Finally, you can apply this new dimension style on an existing drawing or create a new drawing and apply it on that.

The dimensions tool in AutoCAD provides many benefits to designers. Some of them are:

  • Measure distances between two points
  • Measure angles
  • Measure lengths
  • Measure areas

You can use AutoCAD's dimensioning features to show the dimensions of each element in your drawing. These capabilities assign dimensions to the selected element automatically, eliminating the need to measure and name each line, circle, or arc separately.

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