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  • How to Insert Dynamic CAR and How to Customized It

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  • The first step is to create a new page in the WordPress dashboard. You can do this by going to Pages > Add New and then entering the title of your new page.
  • Next, you need to add your content into the new page. You can do this by clicking on “Edit” and then pasting in your text. After you have pasted in your text, it will be time to insert a dynamic CAR into the article. To do this, go to Insert > HTML element on top of your textbox and then select “Carousel” from the dropdown menu. These options will allow you to choose how many slides you would like in your carousel, as well as the transition type.

Different types of dynamic CARs available are:

  • Chatbots: These are the most common type of chatbots. They simulate a conversation with a user in the form of text messages or voice commands. Users can interact with them to get information, buy products, and do other tasks.
  • Virtual assistants: These are digital assistants that help people perform tasks on their phones, such as finding directions or making phone calls.
  • Conversational commerce agents: These AI agents enable customers to start a conversation with brands and interact with them in natural language via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.
  • Assistants for customer service: This type of AI agent is used by companies to provide customer service and support through text messages or voice commands.

The Dynamic CARs are a new technology that can be used in order to create a more realistic and persuasive user experience.

A dynamic CAR is inserted in the text to link to a different content. It is used when you want to link to a new article or webpage. The use of these links can be very effective when it comes to increasing the engagement with your content and the number of clicks on the links that are created.

A dynamic CAR is a 3D object which can show the animation of a car.


  • The car can be rotated by using the mouse.
  • The car can be moved by using the mouse.
  • The door of the car can be opened and closed.
  • The headlights and taillights of the car turn on when it is switched on.

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