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When you blend different layers in After Effects, you can create more realistic animations.

The order of layers in After Effects determines the order of how they are rendered. By default, the top-most layer is rendered first. To change this order, you can use the "Render Layers" dialog box.

  • Select all layers that you want to render in a different order than their appearance in your timeline by holding down "Ctrl" on Windows or "Command" on Mac and clicking each layer.
  • Choose Render > Render Layers from the menu bar and then click on "Render Selected Layers Last."
  • You can also select any individual layer and choose to Render > Render Selected Layer Last to render it last without having to select all other layers first.

There are many ways to blend multiple layers in After Effects. One way is to use the layer's opacity, which is the easiest way to make several layers visible at once. The other way is to use masks, which can be used for a more precise effect.

The reason for blending multiple layers in After Effects is to create a more realistic effect. You can blend layers together to create the illusion of motion or depth.

Blending layers together is a straightforward process. You just need to select the layer that you want to blend in and then drag it over the top of the other layer. You can also use a more advanced blending technique called “Soft Light” which is found under the “Layer” menu. This is a great option if you want to blend two layers together without changing their contrast too much.

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