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  • hologram and matte painting

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  • A hologram is a three-dimensional image that is created by the interference of two different waves of light. This can be done by laser or a projector. Holograms are often used in advertising and art.
  • A matt painting is a type of painting that has a matte finish, meaning it has been given an unvarnished surface. A matte painting is usually used to create backgrounds in movies or television shows, but they can also be used in video games and as stand-alone artworks.
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There are many ways to create a hologram effect in Adobe After Effects. One way is to use the Ray-traced 3D Renderer and use the Lens Flare filter. Another way is to use the Light Tracer tool which requires you to have a light source and some geometry for it to work with.

The benefits of a hologram in After Effects is that it creates an illusion of depth and perspective, which makes the viewer believe that the object is actually 3D. This can be used for anything from product demonstrations to videos about architecture.

Matt Painting is a type of painting where the paint is applied to the surface in a way that it creates an uneven, textured surface. It can be used on walls and other surfaces.

In this tutorial, we will be covering a technique that allows you to create a Matt painting with just one layer and an adjustment layer. This technique creates an effect similar to the one seen in the intro of the popular TV show "Stranger Things".

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