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The goal of colour correcting is to make the footage look exactly like the human eye sees it. While colour grading is where you construct your video's overall look, the appropriate colour grading can also assist you convey a visual tone or mood.

  • Make sure your monitor is colour calibrated.
  • Use a high-resolution, wide-color-range LCD or monitor.
  • Work on your images in a semi-dark environment.
  • Start with the biggest changes.
  • Always keep in mind that colour correction is a subjective process.

Color correction is a technological procedure for correcting colour errors and making footage look as natural as feasible. Color grading is a creative as well as a technical concern. By colouring video in new, often unnatural ways, the colour grading process adds atmosphere and emotion to images.

Both technical and creative modifications can be made using colour grading. Colorists utilise colour grading to guarantee that the film's carefully chosen colour palette expresses a specific ambiance, style, or emotion.

Color grading is the process of improving or changing the colour of a moving image, video image, or still image. It's the process through which filmmakers alter the colours of their footage to generate a specific mood or tone. Color grading was previously known as colour timing, and it was a manual operation performed while developing actual film.

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