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The Clone Stamp tool is ideal for copying and pasting pixel values from one location in your video to another. By layering over that piece with pixels from another part of your footage, you can remove rid of things, persons, or images that you don't want in your film.

To open the video layer in the Layer panel, double-click it in the Timeline panel. From the Tools panel, choose the Clone Stamp tool. To specify which pixels to copy, press Alt (Windows) or Option (MacOS) and click on the Layer panel. Duplicate pixels should appear where you painted them.

The Clone Stamp is an Adobe Photoshop tool that allows you to "paint" with existing pixels to duplicate an exact detail from one region of a picture to another. This tool is frequently used by graphic designers and digital photographers in post-production to hide or repair elements of a shot.

The stamp tool has two modes:

  • The “stamp” mode will allow you to take one frame from the video and place it over your footage.
  • The “mask” mode will allow you to take an area from the video and place it over your footage.

The stamp tool is a great way to add motion graphics to your video. It’s also a great way to save time by not having to create an animation from scratch.

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