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Rotoscoping is a technique that is used by animators to create animation from live-action film footage. This animation technique was first patented by Max Fleischer and it was called the rotoscope. The rotoscope allowed animators to trace over the frames of live-action film footage and create an illusion of movement on screen.

he benefits of using Rotoscoping in After Effects are:

  • It saves time on animation by making it easier to create realistic movement and timing
  • It can be used to create camera movements that would be too difficult or expensive to do practically
  • It can be used as a placeholder while you work on other aspects of your project

  • In After Effects, you can use the Roto Brush tool to do this. It's pretty easy to use and it's got a lot of powerful features that make it easy for you to create some really great looking mattes.
  • The first thing you need to do is import your footage into After Effects. You can import from any number of sources including your computer or from an external drive. And then you just need to set up your composition so that it matches the layout and framing of your footage.
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A few tools that can be used for this effect are:

  • The Masking Tool
  • The Roto Brush Tool
  • The RotoPaint Tool

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