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Type conversion is an important concept in C Sharp. It means converting the types of a given class, data type, or value to another type. There are two ways to do this: explicit conversion and implicit conversion. Explicit conversions are done by using the cast operator and implicit conversions are done by calling methods that convert values between types.

The process of conversion can be done in two ways:

  • Manual conversion - Type conversion is done manually by the user. This usually takes time and it can be tedious, especially if you have a lot of content to convert.
  • Automated conversion - Automated tools are used to convert the type of text automatically and provide the user with an output in the desired format.
  • Automatic conversion - Type conversions happen automatically without any intervention from the user, for example when converting between HTML and XML formats

Explicit conversions are done by using one of the conversion methods in C Sharp. These methods define how a value is converted to another type. There are three types of explicit conversion - cast, call, and invoke.

The first step is to implement a form where the user can enter their information. The second step is to implement a conversion event. The third step is to implement an action on the form when the conversion event has triggered.

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