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Multithreading is an important concept in computer programming and it is used in many applications, from operating systems to games, web services and database software.

A process can contain several threads, each of which can do something distinct. To put it another way, the three methods defined in our application can be run by three different threads. The benefit is that the execution happens at the same time.

To do many operations at once, we need use or require Multithreading in C#. Multithreading's main goal is to use CPU time by executing two or more portions of a programme at the same time. Two or more components of the multithreaded programme can execute at the same time.

C sharp provides two types of multithreading: Task-based and Parallel. The task-based multithreaded programming is a technique where the same task is executed in parallel by different threads, while the parallel threading is a technique where multiple tasks are executed concurrently by multiple threads.

Multithreading is the ability of a computer program to execute more than one instruction at a time. The process of running multiple threads in a program is called multithreading.

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