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Foreach statements are used to iterate through a collection of items.

The following code snippet demonstrates how to iterate through the collection of items in a list:

  • foreach (item in list) {
  • The following code snippet demonstrates how to iterate through the values in an array:
  • foreach (value in array) {
  • }

Loop control enables you to write and execute one statement after another without having to worry about the end of a loop. This allows you to write code that is easier to read and understand.

The control statement is a set of conditions that tells the loop's body to keep running until the stated condition is false. The C loop's goal is to repeat the same code multiple times.

Looping statements in C are classified into two forms based on the position of a control statement in a programme:

  • Loop that is regulated by entry
  • Loop with a controlled exit In a C entry control loop, a condition is checked before the loop's body is executed. A pre-checking loop is another name for it.

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