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The role of binary files in C Sharp is to provide a storage format for non-text-based data types. They also provide a way for programmers to move their data around without having to worry about the text encoding or character set.

To open a binary file in C Sharp, you need to use the File.Open() method. To open the file using File.Open(), you need to specify the filename and provide it with the read-only access option.

This snippet of code demonstrates how to create binary data files in C#. The code first checks to see if the file has already been created. If not, it creates a new file and populates it with data. / Make a new, blank data file. Console. Create the data writer with WriteLine (fileName + " already exists!");

The benefits of using binary files are that they are faster and more efficient than text-based files. They also require less space on a hard drive and allow developers to work with larger volumes of data at once.

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