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Collections in C sharp are a way to store multiple items into one variable. They are defined using the System.Collections namespace. Collections can be used to hold any type of data, but they are most commonly used to store collections of strings or arrays.

The different types of collections in C sharp are:

  • ArrayList - This is the most basic collection type. It is similar to an array in that it has a fixed size. The difference is that an array can only store elements of the same type, but an ArrayList can store elements from different types.
  • LinkedList - This collection type stores its items as nodes in a linked list structure, which means that each node has references to other nodes and not direct pointers to their content like arrays do. There are many advantages for this structure, including being able to add or remove nodes without

Collections in C sharp are a great way to store and manipulate data. They can be used as a source of data, they can be used to filter out specific items, or they can be used as an input for algorithms.

A collection is a type of class that contains a list of items. Collections are used to store items in C sharp, which are the values of some data type.

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