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An array list is a type of data structure that stores items in a linear sequence, which are accessed by their position. The first item in the list is accessed with the index 0. Adding an item to the end of an array list is done by using the index count minus one.

The ArrayList Add method adds a new item/element object to the end of the list. You can keep adding elements to the ArrayList until it runs out of memory. The managed heap is where the items are kept. Let's look at an example of establishing an ArrayList and using the ArrayList's Add() method to add two entries.

ArrayList is one of the most important data structures in Java. It provides an easy way to store a collection of objects. This class also has many useful methods like add(), remove(), or get().

Array Lists are used when you need to iterate over the list quickly and access each element with a given index. They are also useful when you need to modify the list in place.

To remove an item from an ArrayList, you need to iterate through all the items in the list and using the Remove() method for each item.

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