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C sharp is a computer programming language and one of the most popular programming languages for Windows operating systems. It is often used for developing software applications across various platforms like Microsoft, Apple, Linux & more.

Literals in C# are the predefined fixed value for a variable that cannot be changed during the execution of the code. These are the most convenient type of constant values, but their values cannot be modified. A variable's value can be an integer, decimal, floating type, or string.

  • In programming languages, literals are usually numbers or strings. For example, literals for int types would be "1", "2", "3", etc. Literals for string types would be "Hello World!" or "This is a string".
  • Constants are variables that can change their value at runtime. For example, if you were to declare a constant called my favorite number as an int type with the value of 5 then later on you could change it to 10 without affecting any other parts of your code.

Constants are variables, but they can't be changed once they have been declared. Literals, on the other hand, are values that are set in stone and cannot be changed.

A literal value is a value that you can assign to a variable, constant, or parameter. This means that the value itself cannot change during the execution of your program:

  • For example: 2 + 3 = 5 would be an expression because it has a value which changes over time.

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