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The switch statement is a C Sharp statement that can be used to control the flow of execution depending on the value of an expression.

A switch statement is a type of programming statement that executes different actions depending on the value of a given expression.

Switch statements are used to execute different sets of code based on different conditions. Switch statements are good for dealing with complex data structures that have multiple possible values and need to be processed accordingly.

Switch statements are a great tool for writing code that can make use of different conditions while executing a function. They can be used in many cases like if, else, and else if statements.

The toggle switch is a two-position device which has two states: On or Off. It can be used to control a lamp or appliance by turning it on and off with a simple push on or off button. It can also be used to control an electrical device such as a heater by turning it on and off with the same push button.

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