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SortedList in C# is a collection of key/value pairs that are sorted by keys. This collection sorts the key/value pairs in ascending order by default.

The benefits of using a sorted list include:

  • It helps you to organize your thoughts, ideas, and content in an easier way
  • It helps you to find what you need in a more efficient way
  • You can use it as a starting point for other types of lists, such as top 10 lists

Sorted list is widely used in C sharp programming language. It has many use cases like displaying the items of the list, iterating through the items of the list, displaying an item before or after another item, etc.

A key or index can be used to access an entry in a SortedList. Internally, a SortedList object maintains two arrays to contain the list's elements: one for the keys and another for the associated values. A key cannot be null in this case, but a value can.

To create a sorted list in C sharp, use the Sort method as follows:

Array.Sort(items, Compare);

  • The Compare function will compare two values and return an integer value between 0 and 1 that represents how closely they are to each other in value. The first value will be considered to be less than the second if their difference is less than 0, otherwise, it will be considered to be greater than the second if their difference is greater than 0 (1 means equal).

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