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Polymorphism is a programming concept that allows the same code to have different implementations. It is similar to inheritance in other languages.

Polymorphism is a feature of the C# programming language that allows for multiple methods to be defined. This is useful when you want to perform different tasks on the same data type.

This feature is particularly useful in C Sharp because it enables developers to write code for specific situations without having to write code for each scenario.

Some examples are the following:

  • A function that can take in an int and return an int,
  • A function that can take in a string and return a string,
  • A function that can take in an object and return an object.

When you’re using polymorphism, you’re creating an object with a certain type of behavior and then creating another object with the same type of behavior but different properties. For example, if you have an object with a string property, then you can create another object with the same type of behavior but a different string property.

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