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A class specifies the kind of data that will be stored and the capabilities that their objects will have. You can construct custom types by grouping variables from other kinds, methods, and events into a class. The class keyword in C# is used to define a class.

In C#, an object is a dynamically produced instance of a class. The keyword Object is also an alias for the predefined type System. The.NET framework's object. Objects can be defined using Cunified #'s type system.

The Object class's principal purpose is to provide low-level services to derived classes. Reference types and Value types are the two types in C#. The value types inherit the object class indirectly by using the System. ValueType class.

A class is a blueprint or prototype that is defined by the user and used to build things. A class is a single element that combines fields and methods (member functions that define actions). Polymorphism, inheritance, and the concept of derived classes and base classes are all supported by classes in C#.

A class is a blueprint or template for the creation of objects. A real-world object is something like a pen, a laptop, a phone, a bed, a keyboard, a mouse, or a chair. A class is a collection of items that are comparable in some way.

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