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Anonymous Methods is a framework of C# language that lets you write your own functions without declaring their return type. It also provides some utility methods to help with the process of writing anonymous methods.

An anonymous method, which was introduced in C# 2.0, is a method that doesn't have a name. When a user wishes to build an inline method and also send parameters to the anonymous method like other methods, this is beneficial.

Anonymous Methods C sharp is a library that provides a set of functions to help you write code in C sharp. It offers a new way to write code by enabling you to avoid writing boilerplate code.

Anonymous methods are useful when you need to perform some task on every object in a collection. For example, if you have an array of fruits, and you want to find the average weight of all the fruits in the array, then you would use an anonymous method.

Anonymous methods in C sharp are a way to implement methods that don't have any information about the caller or the callee. Anonymous methods can be used for implementing constructors, destructors, and delegates.

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