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Queue class is a data type in C sharp. It is used to store the order of items that are waiting to be processed in a queue.

The Queue Class has been introduced in Android Studio 3.0 and it provides an efficient way to manage your tasks, build and test your app with just one command.

The advantages of using Queue Class are:

  • You get better control over your jobs with Queue Class, which means you can scale them up or down as needed.
  • You can prioritize how your jobs are processed by configuring them with priorities,
  • You get better visibility into how your jobs are executing through improved monitoring capabilities.

The Queue class is a C# class that provides a queue of waiting tasks. A task can be an asynchronous method, or a new task. The class also provides methods for removing tasks from the queue and clearing the queue.

Queues are used in different scenarios such as the queuing theory, which studies how people wait in line or the queueing networks, which are used for routing traffic on a computer network.

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