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In a 3D animation, lighting is very crucial since it must assist the storey, express the mood of a scene, and visually reflect the location, time of day, and even the weather. When it comes to longer initiatives, these issues have a lot more weight.

Shadows are produced by hand in traditional cel animation to provide visual indications about the spatial relationships and forms of figures in the scene. A system for "inflating" a 3D figure based on hand-drawn art is used in the process.

Lighting artists work with light to improve a scene's ambiance, tone, depth, and emotion. They apply various light effects to a frame or scene based on elements like as the weather or the time of day. They make it clear where the light sources in a scene are supposed to be.

A color's value refers to its lightness or darkness. Value is extremely significant in art because we see and interpret items based on how dark or light they are. The key to creating the perception of light is value. This is why, in drawing and painting, value is so critical.

When you remark something has light and shadow, you're implying that you enjoy it because different sections of it have distinct tones or moods.

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