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  • Painting Character

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  • The process of painting a character can be broken down into two parts: the pre-production and the production. Pre-production includes sketching, conceptualizing, and designing. Sketching is done by hand or digitally on a tablet. The sketch is used to map out the proportions of the character and to plan what colors will be used. Conceptualizing is done by making notes about what kind of mood or emotion the character should convey. Designing is done by deciding what clothes, hairstyle, and accessories will be worn by the character.
  • Production includes blocking in color, adding details with darker values, adding shadows with darker values, and finishing with lighter values to give it a 3D look.

Yes, you can use different mediums to paint a character. For example, you could use a video to show the character's point of view. You could also use an infographic to show how they feel.

First, we need to create two circles and the fill them with black paint. Then, we need to use the pen tool to create an outline of the character and fill it in with white paint. Finally, we can add some details using other tools such as the brush tool and the pencil tool.

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