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There are a lot of rigging techniques in the industry. A rigging technique is a process that allows to create an object or character in a 3D environment. Some of these techniques include:

  • Rigging with keyframes
  • Rigging with bones
  • Rigging with constraint solvers
  • Rigging with animations
  • Rigging with dynamics
  • Rigging with IK (Inverse Kinematics)
  • Creating rigs for particles and fluids

  • The vehicle is taken to the pits for inspection.
  • Suspension changes are made to the vehicle.
  • Aerodynamic changes are made to the vehicle.
  • New tires and wheels are installed on the car.
  • The car is re-tested in a race track and compared with other vehicles that have been rigged as well as with its original state before rigging was applied.

An animation rig is a set of components that are used to create animations for characters, objects and environments. A character may have a rig that consists of the head, torso, arms, legs and feet. The environment might have a rig that consists of the sky and ground textures.

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