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  • Illustrator layers and art boards are the backbone to any illustrator's workflow. Layers are used to organize and manage the different parts of your illustration. They are also used to separate elements that are too close together. Layers can also be helpful when you want to make changes in a certain part of your illustration without affecting other parts of it.
  • Artboards, on the other hand, are used for designing two dimensional illustrations or for managing different screens in a multi-page document.
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The art board is a great tool for any designer to use. It is not only a grid, but also a way to organize your work. It can be used as a way to create different layouts for your design or it can be used as an outline of the space you are designing in.

  • The first way to create a layer in Illustrator is by selecting the shape tool. This tool allows you to create shapes that are freeform or geometric. A layer will be created every time you select this tool.
  • The second way to create a layer in Illustrator is by selecting the type tool and clicking on the artboard where you would like to place your text or graphic. A layer will be created every time you click on the artboard with this tool. The third way to create a layer in Illustrator is by using the Layers Panel in the top menu bar and clicking on “Add a new layer.”

Add an artboard to the mix. To make an artboard, select the Artboard tool from the Toolbar and drag it onto the canvas. Make a sizeable artboard. Look for the small tool tip that shows the dimensions as you drag to resize your artboard. Arrange your artboards in a logical order.

2D's artboards feature works similarly to Adobe Illustrator's in that each artboard is regarded as a single layered document. Each artboard contains its own set of layers, layer groups, text, smart objects, and whatever else a Photoshop document can have.

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