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  • Posing the Mannequin
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Work on the shapes to draw the viewer's eye in the right direction. Flow Lines: Ensure that the lines of force draw the viewer's attention to the pose's centre of interest. Check to see if you've preserved the spirit of the position. Straight Lines and Curves: It's important to remember to balance straight lines and curves.

The mannequin can also help you comprehend movement and how light falls on the body's planes, which will help you represent the contours more accurately.

A drawing mannequin (also known as a manikin) is a human figure that can be manipulated into various poses for use as a reference when sketching. Individual body pieces, such as the hands, head, and feet, can also be purchased as mannequins.

Mannequins, also known as laymen or lay figures, were one of the most important but underappreciated instruments in the artist's workshop from the Renaissance to the early twentieth century.

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