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The object menu in Illustrator can be used to skew text. To shear an item, first click it, then transform it. You can also go straight to the transform option by right clicking on a PC or control clicking on a Mac.

There are a couple options for curving entire shapes in Illustrator. You may utilise the options in the Warp area of the Effects menu to make simple curves like arches. Bend the form into the curve you want with the Convert Anchor Point Tool to create customizable curves.

Choose Object Envelope Deform Make using Warp after selecting the text or object you wish to distort. The dialogue box for Warp Options appears. Choose a warp style from the Style drop-down menu, then define any further settings. To apply the distortion, click OK.

Illustrator shape deforming is an effect that can be used to make a shape or object bend and twist as if it were made of rubber.

Illustrator shape deforming is a new feature in Illustrator CC 2018. It allows you to transform an object into any shape imaginable. It is a great tool for designers who want to experiment with different shapes and create designs that are not possible with traditional drawing tools.

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