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The SEO consultancy and research firm Moz invented the Domain Authority (DA) metric, which gauges a website's likelihood of ranking on search engines.

Domain Authority is a metric that ranks a website in terms of its trustworthiness. The higher the DA is, the more trusted the website. With this metric, search engines can determine which websites deserve to rank on top, and those with little value are automatically pushed down.

DA and PA are two metrics that measure the quality of a website by analyzing its authority. They are not the same and they have different values. DA measures the number of inbound links to a website while PA measures the number of unique links to a website.

The key advantage of having high DA score is that you will be able to get relevant ads for your business. It helps advertisers to know the effort they need to put in order to reach the customers.

Step 1: Concentrate on Off-Page SEO. Step 2: optimise your website's on-page SEO. Step 3: Concentrate on Technical SEO. Step 4: Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly. Step 5: Increase the speed of your website. Step 6: Strengthen Your Social Signals Step 7: Patience is a virtue.

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