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Google Analytics is a powerful tool that helps businesses measure the performance of their websites and apps. It allows them to track their audience, set goals, and understand how people find them. Google Analytics can provide a wide range of insights on user behavior, traffic sources, site engagement and more. Armed with this information, companies can make strategic decisions about how to improve their services.

To measure website traffic, Google Analytics has different scopes that are used for different purposes. It has four scopes, namely the Universal Analytics, Classic Analytics, Tag Manager and Mobile App Analytics.

Channels are the paths that users take on their way to conversion. It is the information that passes between Google Analytics and your website/app, which can be seen through Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics has 4 default channels:
  • Organic Search
  • Direct
  • Social Advertising
  • Referral

Google Analytics has been a powerful analytics tool for many years. However, it's not perfect and it does have some limitations.
The most obvious limitation is that Google Analytics does not provide e-commerce tracking for in-app purchases, which can be a major drawback for apps which offer this service.
This is a pretty big limitation in the age of mobile commerce because almost half of all online shopping now takes place on mobile devices, and more than one third of all online purchases are made from apps.
Google Analytics also doesn't have its own ad platform so it can't provide reporting on the effectiveness of digital ads campaigns.
This means that advertisers need to set up an ad campaign with Google Adwords separately to measure its performance through analytics.

In this article, we'll discuss about the four goal types in google analytics.
The four different goal types in Google Analytics are

  • Conversion
  • Ecommerce
  • Lead Generation
  • Engagement

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