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Actions are commands that change the application's state. If an action fails during execution, the current test will be terminated. "Click a link" and "choose an option," for example.

Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is a Selenium Suite open source web automation testing tool. It does not require any programming logic to construct test scripts, unlike Selenium WebDriver and RC. Instead, you can just record your interactions with the browser to create test cases.

In Selenium IDE, you can only run tests in table format. Because it's a custom script, the IDE won't know how to understand it, you won't be able to move to table format. The IDE is fragile, and the format switcher's sole purpose is to convert a recorded script to a format that can be exported.

The simplest tool in the Selenium Suite is the Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It can only be used for prototyping purposes. Intermediate topics, such as executing the "runScript" and "rollup" commands, require knowledge of JavaScript and HTML.

Selenium Commands are written in a language called Selenese. Web applications are then tested using these Selenese commands. One can verify the existence of UI elements by looking at their HTML tags.

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