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A Datadriven Framework is a software that helps in automating the data-driven process of creating content. It provides an easy way to manage and organize all the information that needs to be gathered for a project.

Datadriven Frameworks can be used to build a test suite that can be run against any website. They can also be used in different contexts such as desktop applications or mobile apps. Datadriven Frameworks help testers to avoid repetition and focus on one specific task at a time.

A Datadriven Framework allows the user to design a process that pulls in the appropriate data from these sources and then runs it against various business rules. This can be useful for any company that needs to integrate their different systems.

It is not easy to create a Datadriven Framework with Selenium. It requires a lot of time and effort. However, there are many benefits that come along with it. It makes the process more efficient, scalable and sustainable. It also helps in automating the repetitive tasks for developers and testers so they can focus on what matters most - building better products.

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